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Let's see here...have to write my GW profile again because the login page glitched! sheesh.

Well, i guess i should start by saying i love begonias! i'm a big fan of rhizomatous, rex, shrub, thick-stem and cane begonias, with a special interest in species plants. i also love epiphytic cacti and dead stick/stone plants. at the moment i'm working on a collection of ceropegias. i love tropical/indoor plants, thus my outdoor world is a bit shoddy: my vegetable garden is a shoddy, weedy mess and my flower beds are a bit...sparse.

aside from the plant interests, i'm a fan of all things outdoors (living in oregon and all). i love running, hiking and road biking especially. i also rock the badminton court.

i have a few pets, my favorite fellow being my bearded dragon, Big Lizard.

you can always tempt me with plants, and i love to trade!

Here's my begonia list. let's swap if you have something i don't!
(i am trying to take pictures of all of mine, but for those that are too small or that i haven't gotten around to, i substituted pictures from the web, so "WI" means web image.

* = cuttings available
' = plant available

B. U076 (syn incisa)
B. Amphioxus
B. bipinnatifida
B. 'Black Gold'; WI '
B. 'Boomer'
B. 'Dancing Girl'(at least this is what my mom calls it)*
B. 'Ginny'
B. 'Grey Feather'
B. hispida
B. 'Irene Nuss'
B. 'Jeanne Jones' WI '
B. 'Little Miss Mummey'
B. 'Lomita Lady' WI '
B. 'Looking Glass' '*
B. 'Lucerna'
B. maculata var. 'Wightii' WI
B. 'Mary's Surprise' WI
B. 'Medora' WI
B. 'Orococo' WI
B. parilis WI
B. peltata syn. incana
B. 'Serlis' syn. 'Caravan'
B. 'Silver Fantasy'
B. 'Sinbad' WI
B. 'Sincerity'
B. 'Sophie Cecile'
B. 'Tamo' WI
B. 'Thurstonii' *
B. 'Tiny Gem'
B. 'Vivian Hill' WI

B. 'Bethlehem Star'
B. 'Blush Blossom' (not the correct name, but the only one i have for now! Looks a lot like something i've seen online as 'Abu Dhabi') *
B. bowerae cv. #1 *
B. bowerae cv. #2 ' ...could be 'Tiger Kitten?'
B. bowerae cv. #3
B. bowerae nigramarga
B. 'Bunchii' WI
B. 'Buttercup' WI
B. 'Butterfly'*
B. 'Cachuma' (could be 'Fisher's ricinifolia' or 'Immense?') '
B. conchifolia var. rubrimacula("bullseye begonia")*
B. 'Cowardly Lion'
B. 'Curly Fireflush' *
B. 'Denver Lace' WI
B. 'Dollar Down'
B. 'Egyptian Princess'
B. 'Emerald Lacewing'
B. 'Erythrophylla' *
B. 'Escargot' '*
B. 'Five
and Dime'
WI *
B. goegoensis
B. hatacoa 'Silver' *'
B. 'Helen Teupel' *
B. 'Her Majesty' (not sure on this one, either. pulled the name from something i saw online.)
B. 'Hilo Holiday' WI
B. 'Jeopardy' *
B. 'Many Colours' (not sure on this one, could also be 'Norah Bedson') *
B. 'Marion Louise' WI
B. masoniana, the "iron cross" begonia WI '
B. 'Mini Merry Christmas' *
B. 'Mirage'
B. nelumbiifolia WI
B. nimbaensis
B. 'Piccolo'
B. prismatocarpa
B. quadrialata subsp. nimbaensis WI
B. 'Raspberry Crush'
B. 'Red Planet'
B. 'River Nile'
B. 'Royal Lustre'
B. 'Silver Lace'
B. 'Stained Glass' *
B. strigillosa
B. 'Supercurl' (could be 'China Curl?' WI)
B. 'Thrush' '*
B. 'Two Face'
B. 'Wheel of Fortune'

B. convolvulaceae *
B. foliosa ("fern leaf begonia") on the right
B. fuchsioides on the left
B. mazae forma viridis '
B. soli-mutata, on right
B. thelmae
B. U002 natural cross btw. thelmae and soli-mutata, on left
B. U192 ('Martin's Mystery' in Logee's) '*

B. grandis, hardy begonia...not doing so hot.
B. partita WI
B. suffruticosa syn richmondensis

NoID #1: lettuce-edged. apple green, leaf surface with paler green undersides. barbie-pink flowers. *
NoID #2: hirsute. escargot-sized bumpy leaves, grey towards the center and reddish-pink at the edges...maybe 'Comtesse Louise Erdody?' *
NoID #3: red and black coloring, new growth emerges white. I think this is B. 'David Blais.' *
NoID #4: no clue. *
NoID #5: looks like a miniature 'Curly Merry Christmas.'
NoID #6: one of those pustulate ones. 'Silver Jewel,' 'Emerald Jewel,' B. pustulata...i can't tell!
NoID #7: Looks like a slightly larger-leaved verstion of B. 'Butterfly' with different markings.
NoID #8: Dark iridescent leaves with eyelashes.
NoID #9: probably B. subvillosa. has a brown peach fuzz of leaves, stems and flowers. color reminds me of 70s shag carpeting.

[I'd like to thank Big Lizard for his nice cameos.]

*WISH LIST* In general i really like miniatures, african species and those begonia with unique leaf surfaces.
B. 'Arabelle'
B. 'Baba Loo'
B. bogneri
B. cathayana
B. 'Cathedral'
B. coriacea
B. decora
B. 'Eagleshamm'
B. 'George Fukes'
B. herbaceae
B. kingiana
B. 'Kit Jeans'
B. limprichtii
B. microsperma
B. 'Munchkin'
B. olsoniae
B. paulensis
B. prismatocarpa variegata
B. rajah
B. sanguinea
B. 'Spindrift'
B. 'Wild Pony'

I live in: United States

My zone is: z9 Tucson

My favorite forum 1 is Begonia.

My favorite forum 2 is House Plants.

First registered on June 20, 2003 .