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I have a large lawn and about 4,000 sq. ft of flower gardens on a diversified family farm, close to a town of about 12,000 people. We've lived here 35 years. I love perennials, especially daylilies, and other things that are tough enough to take our Kansas droughts, hot winds, and other unkind weather. I try to reduce general watering by using a lot of soaker hose, and then planting my bedding annuals close to it. Since most people drive by on our dusty, gravel road at 50-60 mph, I try to at least be a colorful blur. I like Ice Follies, and other daffodils in the spring, but tulips don't generally do very well here, and the moles or mice take the bulbs, frequently. We've had a lot of ice storm damage to our trees, including about 6 weeks ago. It broke my Cherokee Chief dogwood, Washington hawthorne, river birch and vintage cedar by our deck, as well as the big, old, bare trees. I have a lot of raking to do before my lawn service people start trying to spray and fertilize. I have a lot of problem with snails during damp springtime. They riddle my hostas with holes, and chew on a lot of other things. Sadly, I can remember when I never saw any! I also have a lot of grasshoppers in the summer and fall. They do a lot of damage, too. I am trying to learn to enjoy my gardens, but lower my expectations as to what I can satisfactorily plant for success. I enjoy reading the postings, and I look forward to occasionally participating

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