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I live in Cypress, CA zone 10, Sunset zones 22-23. Gardening became a passion of mine in about 1998 when I built my pond and started landscaping the area around it. My pond is 2300 gallons, 19� by 10� with a depth of 2� to 34". It has a small stream and waterfall and a footbridge that crosses over the stream. The sound of the waterfall is magic.

The pond is stocked with mosquito fish, comets, shubunkins, koi and snails.....LOTS of snails. I have six lilys (3 hardy and 3 tropicals) and numerous other plants in the pond. The pond has attracted Egrets, herons, black phoebes, damselflies, dragonflies and a variety of other local bird who come to drink or bathe in the stream. Occassionaly a duck flying overhead will drop down for a closer look.

I have a tropical/desert theme to my landscaping around the pond with over 250 different plants in my yard. I strive to obtain unusual plants and I�m always looking for more. In addition to the tropical and desert plants, I also have a perennial garden. My most recent project was taking over the 7� X 90� parkway next to my house, removing the grass, and planting it with drought tolerant plants. My plantings have attracted butterflies and hummingbirds. I can sit for hours just watching these beautiful creatures that have been attracted to my yard.

I live in: United States

My zone is: SoCal-Z10-22/23

My favorite forum 1 is California Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Tropicals.

First registered on March 17, 2001 .