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My interests are ethnobotany (esp. entheobotany) and sustainable horticultural techniques like 'permaculture' and 'biointensive'. My varied anthropological studies lead me to seek aquisition of diverse plant species, in an effort to understand distant cultures - be they physically or temporally distanced.

I'm currently building a small, but intensive and incredibly diverse, permaculture garden on a newly developed [sub]urban site. Judging from the soil, topography, and surrounding flora, the site was obviously peatland (pond pine) forest... and even after the developer was finished it still drains poorly. On the up side, the soil is quite fertile for at least one foot above the dense clay subsoil that encourages the bogginess. There are a few places where the ground level was raised and these areas of soil are better drained, but obviously more sandy with less organic matter. So this gives some different areas to work with but unfortunately I'm having to use many wetland plants and having to mound all my trees (and cross my fingers).

... that's a little bit about my current garden project.

I live in: United States

My zone is: 8a/8b SC coast

My favorite forum 1 is Permaculture.

My favorite forum 2 is Southeast Coastal Gardening.

First registered on February 14, 2004 .