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I live with my husband, David, in Durham, NC. I’m going to the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine and will graduate in 2008, which seems like forever.

We have a big family- 2 humans, 3 dogs, 1 green iguana, 1 snake, and 1 fish.

Anastasia (Ana) is a little copper Siberian Husky I found on the side of the road. She has major rear leg deformities (she was born with her kneecaps in the wrong place), but aside from a slightly perculiar posture, you’d never know it by the way she acts. We did have 1 kneecaps surgically put back into place a couple of years ago. But the surgery didn’t help her posture or slow the development of arthritis liked we (and the surgeon) hoped, so we are not going to put her through another operation. She’s daddy’s girl, 100%.

We also have Aleksander, my black and white Siberian Husky. He is a Momma’s boy. He’s the best dog in the whole world (sorry to all you who thought your dog was the best- you’re wrong :) He’s 10 years old now, and still just as mischievious as ever.

We recently acquired Max from a friend of ours. He’s the calmest most mellow chocolate Lab ever. He had some issues at home related to 2 babies and not being the center of the world any more, but seems to be adjusting well here.

B’Elanna, my foundling Rottie sadly died in May 2005. She was my girl and I miss her terribly. Although the other dogs are super nice, they don’t cuddle like B did.

I also have my boss’ Ball Python, Orlando. She’s a pretty snake, and pretty easy to keep. She used to live at the animal hospital but she kept getting horrible respiratory infections because of the temperature variances, so I have her in the iguana room now. Josephina is my iguana- she’s a rescue too.

I am enjoying the sub-tropical North Carolina weather and getting used to being the only displaced liberal damn Yankee hippy chick around. I was hard on NC at first, but have since met many nice people and found some actual things to do besides eat and drink. Although I must say getting XM satellite radio probably saved me from insanity due to the terrible radio stations around here.

I’m loving my many tropical (and tropical-looking) plants. Dave and I still miss MD, especially since all our family except my sister and most our friends are there. Right now, the non-hardy plants are taking over my office (where the lizards and snake live) and it looks (and feels) like a jungle in here. It’s 80 degrees and 70% humidity year round.

I also love home decorating. But since we plan to get out of here as soon as I graduate from vet school, I’m not putting a lot of money into this house. Painting of course, and improvements here and there, but nothing major. Well, except the garden, patio, tiling the floor, counters, and backsplash in the kitchen. I would love to start all over in a permanent home, maybe even build our own home.

I live in: United States

My zone is: 7b NC

My favorite forum 1 is Home Decorating.

My favorite forum 2 is Pets.

First registered on March 14, 2001 .