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Hey there!

My Name is Michelle, I'm a 35 yr young mother of 2 great girls and wife to a fabulous husband,( at least so he keeps telling me.) I love playing in the dirt and helping things and people grow. Love making flower arrangments to brighten others days and my own.While I love helping things grow I often wind up giving way most because I enjoy giving and never seem to have enough room for all my gardening sucsses.
I hope I don't sound vain, I'm not. I credit most of my sucsess to inhereting my mothers green thumb, the rest to reading , experience , and a lot of trial and error. I'm just passionate about gardening, it's rewarding in so many ways.

My girls and I are currently doing some voulenteer work at a local assisited living faculity. I started a gardening group for the resedents to get some color in a sun room they have and start some seedlings to transplant in their garden( or garden to be) when it warms enough. If anyone cares to donate seeds herbs, vegetables, and flower, Its all good! Anything they can't use will be found a worth while home. Let me know If I can do anything to assist.

I look foward to exchanging Ideas and Learning all you have to share!

Best regards,

I live in: United States

My zone is: 6a NY

First registered on March 08, 2005 .