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I have had a butterfly garden for three years and now have host plants for 11 species, having 9 species routinely around my yard. The first thing my DH and son do when they come in from work is to check the chrysalis and visit the garden. But they still say they arent hooked on butterfly gardening! <br> I teach kindergarten and the kids are so taken with butterflies. They can name all the species we see at our school. It is a wonderful way to instill a respect for nature at an early age. One day four kindergarten classes were on a field trip. My class was in the lead, but I was at the end of our line. All of a sudden, I heard "Stop!" from one of the children at the head of the line. Then I heard a ripple of voices as it was being passed down, "We have to wait for a caterpillar to cross the sidewalk!" A second or two later I heard, "All clear, hes okay!" When one of the parent chaperones from another class behind us asked what was wrong, one of the other teachers just shook her head and laughed, "Just Mrs. Bostons class on caterpillar patrol!" Oh well......................

Just an update - now retired since 05 and still Butterfly gardening and now Hummingbird Gardening in the winter. Last season had 3 species in my yard from Dec.- April and had 3 idd and banded. Now have a Grandson Asher to share my love of nature with. Have to teach him that my "cats" dont meow, they pupate!

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