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Greetings from Northwest Ohio. I've been gardening since I was six years old. That would be 43 years ago. I believe in organic gardening and being self-sufficient. So I grow year round about 95% of what we eat. I am learning how to grow some tropical fruits in pots. So I'm hoping to bring that number up to 99% soon. I'm also into vegetable and dairy fermentation (kim chi, sourkraut, kefir, etc.) and sprouts.

January of 2002, my husband and I began to safely compost humanure thanks to Joe Jenkins great book The Humanure Handbook. Cleaning up after ourselves, instead of flushing our problems away, not only completes the human nutrient cycle, in another year we will have more than enough compost for all our gardening projects.

Next to gardening, my second love is helping people regain/maintain health and fitness. Both mental health and physical. Fresh berries of all kinds and sprouts fit in nicely here. Especially for rejuvenation and longevity. Third love: muscle building and physical fitness. To look at me you would think that is my first love.

I joined this forum so I could pick all of your brilliant brains so I can be an expert, too.

Marilyn from Ohio

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