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It started out in the usual way, I suppose. Just the occasional philodendron, you know? Just for kicks. And then a friend offered me an asparagus fern. How could I say no? It just seemed so cool back then.

That was before the hard stuff. The jasmines. The plumerias. The orchids. I had to have them all. I craved their waxy flowers, their beguiling scents, the delicate shading of a leaf. I started...you know...sniffing. Day and night. I had to have every color, every scent. Couldn't just be happy with a plain old hoya carnosa, either. Oh, no. It had to be macgillivrayii. I'd go to any lengths to get it, too.

Before I knew it, I was scoring plants everywhere - even the grocery store. I knew all the best places, knew the dealers by name. And they were always glad to see me because they knew only too well about my habit.

It still isn't over. Oh, sure, I got a handle on the trees, and I've even cut down on the shrubs, but the rest.... Where will it all end?

I don't know. I just don't know.

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