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gardening is basically my life.
I work in a nursery and when I come home, I garden. I am working on cut flowers, mainly, to sell at a roadside stand. I started that as an afterthought, last year when I had way too many flowers for my own good. --so I made a stand and sold them on weekends. --made enough to finance my seed buying and bulb buying habits, anyways.
Now, this year, I am more serious about it and hope to grow and sell even more.
I also have quite a few bonsai plants in the process. ( Mostly from runtish plants from the nursery I work at.)
and rhodos, I love them, especially the scented ones.

I was thrilled to find the gardenweb forums, and now, rarely venture from them, when I turn on the computer for a bit of relaxation in the evening.
It is very inspiring to read what so many other gardeners are doing!

I live in: Canada

My zone is: coast BC

My favorite forum 1 is Cutting Garden.

My favorite forum 2 is Market Gardener.

First registered on February 02, 2004 .