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I moved to Calif. in 1972 from Indiana with 3 little kids, 6 dogs, and no home or furnishings. Now I love it here and never would go back there to live. The kids are grown, I have a home, and still have dogs and other pets and now of course, plants. I have always been facinated at all you can do & grow year round in a warm climate like here. Since I finally got so I could use a computer fairly well, I have really enjoyed reading & researching my hobbies on-line. This forum has become an addiction lately. It truely helps me in learning what plants I have & how to take care of them. Thanks to all of you for being here!!

I live in: United States

My zone is: zone 10

My favorite forum 1 is Hoya.

My favorite forum 2 is California Gardening.

First registered on June 16, 2003 .