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My thumb used to be black. No--make that black and blue! Give me a plant? Just put it on death row, why don’t ya? My mom was the gardener in the family, along with my father who has a degree in agriculture.

When I was a kid, the last place I ever wanted to be was IN the garden. (With all those truckloads of horse manure my father dumped into it ?! YUCK !!! After all, we ran around barefoot all summer long on Long Island.) BUT I sure enjoyed EATING whatever came out of that garden! My mother loved her veggie garden, but she was especially fond of the flowers and the woodland plants in our own little patch of forest in the back yard. I liked the woods, too -- mainly for climbing trees and building treehouses.

After a terribly long, excruciating battle with rheumatoid arthritis, which first kept my mom out of the garden, then in the house, then in a chair, and finally in bed, she sadly died in July 2000-- in my opinion, from a broken heart. My mom Barbara-- mother of 8 kids, numerous pets, and countless plants-- she would have LOVED the flowers at her own funeral !!

About a year after my mom fell asleep in death, my own little girl just begged me--right out of the blue, really-- to buy her a pathetic specimen of a jade plant from Wally World. I balked at the idea. "But we’ll have to buy it a new pot, potting soil, etc. just to keep it alive!" I whined. (Even a black thumb knows THAT much.) Of course, my daughter won the day, and we liberated that poor plant from its thimble-sized plastic prison.

Then IT happened: *I GOT THE BUG* !!! I started buying plants, books about plants, plants, plants, and more plants (I guess for me, it was an unconscious way to connect with my mom’s legacy.) Now I have a jungle full of plants in my apartment and on the balcony: lots of foliage houseplants indoors, and outdoors during the short, but intense South Dakota summer my balcony is a huge splash of colorful annuals, perennials, herbs, strawberries, and one Champion tomato plant.

Ironically, my daughter, who started this whole thing before she became a teenager, now thinks I’m totally B O N K E R S ! But she does have to admit, I no longer kill every plant I touch. Even that little orphaned jade plant we redeemed from Wal-Mart is still growing tall and proud on my kid’s windowsill. My thumb is getting greener and greener as time goes by!!

Thanks, Mom. I found my garden !!

Incidentally, half a continent away, my sister Suzanne also found her own garden about the same time I did. Click here to see:

My other sister Valerie is not real web savvy, so she has no Gardenweb page. Instead, she’s found her garden on canvas, painting flowers.

Now, isn’t that somethin’ ?

"The Price of Anything Is the Amount of Life You Exchange for It"

Browse Happy logo Just as you use different tools in your garden, there are more tools for digging around the Internet than you may know about, some of which are relatively safer than that blue e that came pre-loaded on your PC. Bio-diversity is healthy for your plants. Computers evidently are not that much different.

Click the Browse Happy logo to see what I mean. A different web browser like Firefox or Safari is a great start. But what does it really take to battle the vicious bugs and worms in your cyber-garden? What is "the single most effective way" to get rid of your computer’s Creepy CrawLies ??

The simple, elegant answer, says the reknowned and influential personal tech journalist Walt Mossberg, may surprise you. By throwing out the Windows some outdated, overworked myths along with that old familiar follow-the-crowd tendency and by paying close attention to Mossberg’s words in the "Opting out" paragraphs 5 through 7, you can reap a shockingly refreshing insight into a kinder, gentler computer realm.

Prefer doing things the hard way, eh? OK, then. Mossberg lists more complicated, less potent tactics later on in the article. But at what price? This daily ritual demands a bigger chunk of your life (i.e. time). Skeptical? Ask "PC Mike" about the lost weekend he spent laudering his wife’s PC -- and he’s a pro! The hard way devours more of your money, more work, more pain and aggravation, and either sheer paranoia or a dangerously false sense of security. Take your pick.

Freedom of choice is yours only if you know there is a choice-- and that your other option makes using a personal computer ... well... more personal... more enjoyable and more useful for newbies, veterans, and experts alike. And it plays well with Windows. Don’t believe me? Just ask a certain monopoly. Any computer with this particularly safe operating system is a pleasure to use, and Mossberg really likes this powerful, virus-free baby -- a surprisingly affordable winner you simply must see in person to see to appreciate!! Or just add this "tiny, beautiful, and dirt cheap" (Seattle Times) computer to your existing PC rig. :O)

Me? I insist on a machine that’s secure, user-friendly, and attractive-- one which allows me to relax and have some fun and... oh, yeah... to get some work done, too. The first time I ever bought a computer, I instinctively chose to opt out the way Mossberg recommends in his article--2 years before he wrote it. Though he has written about the same subject before now, and he keeps on writing about it, because it’s only going to get worse, folks. So try out Mossberg’s suggestion. Find out that ’following the road less traveled by will make all the difference’: Peace of mind, restful sleep, lower blood pressure, a worry-free usable computer experience, as well as more time to
make sure of the more important things,
like gardening, of course,


"To Plant a Garden Is to Believe in the Future"

Most Importantly, gardening reminds me of so much more than just the past. It turns my attention to the future, when the entire earth will be encompassed by a peaceful, worldwide garden where love will be the law of the land--the Paradise originally envisioned by Our Creator, Jehovah. His purposes will never be thwarted by the opposition of fallen angels and misguided humans who temporarily rule the world. (Gen.1:27,28, Psalms 37:11,29; Matthew 5:5; Isaiah 11:6-9; Revelation 21:3,4)
Peaceful New World

Although the privilege of living in this Paradise depends more upon cultivating a spiritual, rather than a literal, garden and ultimately upon the supreme gift of His Son Christ Jesus ( Galatians 5:22,23; Romans 6:23; John 3:16), each time I see and smell and touch the artful greenery painted with the palette of infinite color that is a physical garden, I am strengthened by the comfort and hope that one day I may see my mother alive again, in perfect human health. And, God willing, I hope to join my beloved mother as we work for the first time together, forever, in Jehovah’s earthly Paradise ruled from heaven by Jesus Christ.

You see, it was my mother who first led me to the precious Bible truth about this New World, about this grand garden to come. And it is for this knowledge that I am truly and eternally grateful!! (John 17:3; Psalm 83:18)

Can you picture yourself in this beautiful garden Paradise? Do you long to see your dearest lost loved ones alive and well again as much as I do? Does your heart ache to see an end to the vicious evils perpetrated in this old world? Do you yearn to experience everlasting world peace, for which every garden on earth today serves as a mere foretaste of the reality which is to come? Our Heavenly Father has promised to re-create our original garden home in the near future. Through his Son, under the government you may already pray for by speaking Lord’s Prayer, Jehovah God, who cannot lie , assures us that a world without tears is exactly what he will without fail bring about. ( Matthew 6:9-13; Daniel 2:44; Isaiah 55:10,11; Titus 1:2)

So then, welcome! Open the gate, come on in, and feel free to explore the many links in this special section of "My Page" -- and discover what the Scriptures call "the real life" (1 Tim. 6:17-19)

I live in: United States

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