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I live in Ohio and am happily married to the love of my life. I found Garden Junk forum by accident a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. I love the rustic look and like to incorporate antiques in the garden, old wheelbarrows, cultivators, etc. Would love to find a walking plow, seeder, and also have an eye out for a wringer washer.

I do not like glass, ceramics, or statuary in the garden, it's OK for other people, just not my style. I prefer more natural media, such as stone, hypertufa, weathered wood, terra cotta, etc. We love birds and have many feeders and birdhouses up, including a bluebird trail.

In my spare time, I enjoy crafting (I do craft shows also), shopping (especially thrift stores and garage sales), trash picking, recycling, birding and scrapbooking.

A little history: We moved into our newly-built log home in 1991. We were so HAPPY! Not too long after that, we started having problems with water leakage. At that time, we found out our builder had gone bankrupt. Our insurance company classified it as poor workmanship and our policy did not cover that. Basically, we were on our own. For several years, we put alot of money into repairing the problems, but it all ended up to no avail. Our setting is on a hill overlooking a valley and we have alot of wind-driven rain. Finally, in 2001, after sinking WAY too much money into this place, and after much heartache, we decided something had to change. We had been looking for another place to buy in our school district for about 6 years, but could not find anything to suit us. Our plans were to auction this place off, as is, and take our losses. Since that wasn't working out, we attempted to find a contractor willing to knock out the log walls and build regular 2X4 walls, insulate and side the place. HA! No one was even willing to give us an estimate. Out of desperation, we decided to do it ourselves. My husband worked construction for a number of years previously, so he figured out a way to brace the ceiling/roof and knock out the walls. Believe me, it was an emotional experience to take a chain saw to the walls and push them out in the yard! What a mess we had for a long time. We have moved to the basement while this project was in motion. It took 10 months to complete - including drywalling the outside walls and tying them into existing drywall, replacing all windows and doors, carpets, etc. It was also a very huge expense. But now we have a "new" house again.

Our landscaping was put on hold from the day we moved in in 1991, first of all because of lack of funds from just having built the house. Then when the water problems started, all our money was tied up in repairs.

Finally in 2003, we tackled the front of the house. We had a landscaper draw up a plan and tell us what would work in our situation - a windy hill in full sun. My husband, sons and I then did all the work, removing sod, spreading top soil, planting, mulching, etc. It was a HUGE area. We planted about 130 items, including a few trees, some bushes, and 80 some perenniels. We planted all things that would attract birds and butterflies. It has been wonderful to see the rewards of our labor!! My new hobby is photography - especially my flowers and the many butterfly species which visit them. You can check out my garden album at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/73872182@N00/

I live in: United States

My zone is: 5 Ohio

My favorite forum 1 is Garden Junk.

First registered on February 05, 2006 .