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I live in eastern Pa.in Bucks County with loads of squirrels, a red cat(LuLu)and Vito Corleone a black cat and a Maltese girl dog named CoCo Velcro. I garden on 2 acres. Have been for 33 years. I have tried every thing in the garden during these 33 years and now I am specializing more and more into conifers. Not that I don't have other things. I am slowly ridding my garden of tiresome plants and putting in my "Rosy the Riviter Gals", the workhorses of the garden. Evergreens, small trees, neat flowering shrubs and trees, and miniature conifers. All this is surrounded with 24 inch high Korean boxwood to make the beds look neat. I am never satisfied with my garden and am always loving everyone elses gardens. I have a million aches and pains but I will never stop playing in the garden-but plan even more things to do. I can not imagine a better way to spend my money than hire people to help me in my garden."Friends do not encourage friends to plant annuals."

I live in: United States

My zone is: z 6-7 PA

My favorite forum 1 is Conifers.

My favorite forum 2 is Winter Garden.

First registered on May 23, 2002 .