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I’m a novice gardener. Most of my gardening is done in pots. We’ve been renting for years, and it was more convenient for me to plant in pots than establish a garden in the ground. We’ve moved recently to a larger piece of land, and will have to wait one more year to get just one more child in school before I have the time to dedicate growing more. But I do have daylilies in the ground, some hostas, and numerous types of azaleas that were here when we moved here. I didn’t even get any veggies planted this year--it killed me not to have any tomatoes! But, I plant what’s easy to grow, as I have four children--I can garden into my old age---my kids won’t always be little! Many people think I have a green thumb--sorry, I just find out what works and doesn’t need a babysitter, and I grow it! I’ve made mistakes, and I’ve learned from them. My USDA zone is a litte tricky--in my part of NC, I’m on the border of 7a & 7b. Like I say, I just grow what I can.

I don’t post often, but I like to read the posts in between diaper changes and sweeping cheerios and goldfish cracker crumbs!

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