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I have been gardening for 9 years. Since I have a totally cement backyard, I do all containers (with the exception of a 6'x 6' raised bed). I grow about 250-300 annuals (about 50% from seed) in about 80 containers in a 25'x30' area from May to September. Call me crazy (or maybe a gardener!), but I rip them all out by November and start over next year with a different color scheme and design. Since getting the hang of this strange but rewarding system, I have 10' trees and 6' bushes by July and have to cut things back on a weekly basis just to clear a path through! My interests are (obviously) container gardening,rare/unusual/brand new annuals,propagating from seed. My latest interests are tropical and foliage plants.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z6KY

First registered on January 21, 2003 .