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Moved to Lodi, California in June 2001. Grew up in Phoenix and lived there my entire life (long time) and never thought I’d end up living in California - nice place to visit, y’know? So here I am trying to figure out what to grow and how to grow it. I like the fact that the climate is kind to roses. Not so in the Phoenix area.
My living is made doing custom art glass, and I had a retail stained glass store for 22 years, before retiring and making this move. Currently I am concentrating on building glass terrariums for a local gallery. I have been a glass beadmaker for the last fifteen years, and I’m trying to get my studio set up here, so I can get back to work. But I have a half acre to plant, so I’m torn in two directions. Nice choice though.
I particularly like bulbs and Irises. Brought some with me, but the rest will have to wait until next Summer as it got too late to dig them this year. I have over a hundred different Irises and I will miss them this next Spring.

Update June ’04: Now I’ve moved to Valley Springs (June 2003) and I love it here. The only problem is ROCKS - tons of them. I figure the ground is about 80% rocks and 20% soil, but I may have underestimated the rock content. Makes digging holes almost impossible.

June 2006 - moved to Vernonia, Oregon one years ago and now I have the most beautiful 2 1/2 acres and I plan to cover it with plants of all kinds. I brought some cactus with me to remind me of AZ. :o)

This is becoming a blog. Now (2009) I am back in AZ. Many things have changed in my life but my love of growing things will never change. My latest fascination is Adeniums and my mission is to re-landscape the yard I inherited. Challenging to say the least!

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My favorite forum 1 is Southwestern Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Container Gardening.

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