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Roses are my passion. It is the different fragrances that makes my heart sing and fuels the obsession. I feel a special kinship with organic rose gardeners. I can tolerate a lot of imperfection in the foliage to focus on the gorgeous scents I get to bring into the house.

After being disappointed after ordering based on photos or scent descriptions, I now try to see and sniff a rose in person before buying it. Can't tell you the number of roses I have become INFATUATED with after seeing/smelling in person that I would never have even given a second look in a catalog or web page.

There's all kinds of "rose" fragrance: sweet, fruity, spicy. For example to my nose, we have notes of: lemon (Intrigue), orange (Maigold), grapefruit (Jude the Obscure), apple (Rubens), apricot (Lady Hillingdon), clove (Everest Double Fragrance) fruitloops?! (Royal Dane) and the fun goes on and on! Did you know you can do search on helpmefind.com by TYPE of fragrance? There's like two dozen choices!?!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have learned so much about gardening and life since stumbling upon gardenweb back in 2000! The biggest lesson I've learned is the art of releasing: to let a rose go if I don't absolutely love it. It is so much more satisfying to really love your roses. Then they are not a chore, but a joy.

Roses I Grow (Note: * = Favorites)

Black Gold Shrub
Bronze Star HT
Chanelle FL
Chrysler Imperial HT
Crepuscule Noisette
Della Balfour (aka Royal Pageant) climber
*Etoile de Hollande climber
*Everest Double Fragrance Floribunda
Golden Celebration Austin
Gueneviere Shrub
Hot Cocoa Floribunda
*Intrigue Floribunda
Irene Watts China
Jude the Obscure Austin
Lady Hillingdon Tea
Lucky Piece HT
Maigold climbing shrub
*Marie Curie FL
Melodie Parfumee Gfl
Midnight Blue shrub
Molineux Austin
Mr Lincoln HT
Mrs. Oakley Fisher Single HT
*Oklahoma HT
*Pat Austin Austin
Penny Lane climber
Pernille Hit Mini/Patio
The Prince Austin
*Royal Dane HT
Rubens Tea
*Secret HT
Secret Garden Musk Climber (Thanks Diana!)
Smoky HT
Snowbird old HT
Sunset Celebration HT
Tantarra HT
William Shakespeare 2000 Austin
Winter Sunset Buck shrub

I live in: United States

My zone is: Portland z8

My favorite forum 1 is Roses.

My favorite forum 2 is Rose Gallery.

First registered on June 12, 2002 .