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Hi, thanks for visiting! I live in the country and spend my time crafting (mostly wreaths), shopping at flea mkts and other thrifty places, going to county fairs & amusement parks, quad riding, listening to music 24/7, hunting & fishing and spending time with my pets.

I have a wonderful yellow lab named "Honey", who does many cool tricks, and also have some really cute chickens and pigeons (yes, they are pets, not dinner!) I have a cute Barred Rock named "Gretchen" for example, and even a breed called an Auracana who lays eggs with a teal-colored shell!

I am nuts about music and enjoy listening to many types from classic rock and 80’s hair bands to new wave and country. WYEP.org, plays some really cool stuff!

It’s taken me a long time, but thanks to Oprah and other inspiring folks, I have learned to be a really grateful person and am thankful to God for each day that I wake and can walk upright! Take care!!

I live in: United States

My zone is: 6

First registered on November 07, 2001 .