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My name is Sharon and I live in a 100-year house in the redwoods of Mill Valley, CA with my husband, a Welshman named David and 2 rescue dogs, Emmy and Badger.I have a son that lives in Truckee with his dog and is planning to get his Masters this year. I also have two step-children one of whom lives in England I have a BA in psychology but then discovered I really didn't want to listen to other people's problems so I went back to college and got several AA's in natural history, including botany, marine biology etc. I became a member of the Marin County chapter of the California Native Plant Society and up until my knee blew out a couple of years ago I would either be hiking on my own or would go on birding and wildflower hikes with professionals. All I can do now is walk a few hundred feet on a flat surface so much is lost to me. I read a lot of gardening and natural history books and am a member of every wildlife/animal organization there is. I also love a good mystery book or movie.

I am very concerned about what the current administration is doing to this wonderful country especially on evironmental issues and spend a lot of time writing letters or protesting in some way.

As I live in the shade of immense redwoods my choice of plants is limited. My garden is NOT a neat, well-organized one due to my knee and the location. However, it has a wonderful, wild woodlands feel to it. I have some huge Abutilons that thrive here, lots of ferns, Camellias and especially Hydrangas. Two huge ones that grow in the back next to the carriage house must be over 25 years old and are about 7' tall and wide. There is enough sun in the back to grow roses although they grow quite high to reach the sun. My Mr. Lincoln puts on a grand show and flowers all summer. Hellebores, Viburnum, Pieris, Philadelphus, Nandina, Clematis, Fuchias, Loropetalums, Ribes, Cestrums, Calla lilies, Primroses, Clivias, Hardy Geraniums and some Salvias also thrive. I was thrilled to discover that for the first time in my life I was able to persuade one of my Cymbidiums to bloom. I attempt to grow either natives or plants that attract birds. I have three bird baths and several bird feeders and three hummingbird feeders. Once when I was working for a local nursery, an Anna's hummer flew into the store and perched himself on one of the orchids. It was like a painting out of a book on birds and flowers of the tropics. Oh, and as the ladybird sticker on the front gate declares, my garden is a pesticide-free zone. I also compost all our kitchen and garden waste. Great for breaking up the heavy clay soil!

David and I both play the piano and love music and literature. It is one of our many dreams to own a kayak. Once when we were on a moonlight paddle in the bay I was in the front and pulling hard. Then some guys on a boat yelled out to me "Hey babe, your old man isn't paddling, you're doing all the work." Needless to say he paddled in front on the way back.

We have travled a lot in Europe, espcially England and we always visit various gardens and birding areas. Two years ago we went to the Oxford University's botanical garden. It was fantastic. One of my favorite plants was a HUGE water lily pad that was about 7 feet across and steep vertical edges. I felt I could have slept in it. I was talking to some of the volunteers about native plants and they were sad to report that they didn't have any as there had been so many imported plants of the years that many of the natives are extinct.

I love the Garden Web forums and sometimes spend hours just browsing.

See you in the flowers,

I live in: United States

My zone is: 15/CA

My Birthday is March 12 .

First registered on March 24, 2002 .