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I am a transplanted NYer, loving the South and ORGANIC gardening. No chemicals ever!

I am a life member of The American Rabbit Breeders Asso.; raising Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lop and Dwarf Hotot bunnies, in many colors, for exhibiting and pets.
I also showed poultry, flowers and veggies at the county fairs in NY, PA and CT.

I am new (2 yrs) to GW and have found a new hobby....TRADING!
I love to share so this BBS is wonderful to me.
Thank you to all my traders and all the wonderful people I have met here...and of course to Spike for providing us this opportunity.

I apologize for any delay in sending out trades while I am involved with insulating, breeding the bunnies for Convention,and distracted by a house sale FINALLY WHOOPPEE!!!!! ! We are DEBT FREE!! I plan to stay that way. My DH wants a CORVETTE! Anyone having financial problems may be interested in Dave Ramsey's website or his book FINANCIAL PEACE. Or ask me....I LOVE to give free advise! 8-]

I have been getting slow sending my trade out, but you will get whatever I promise you, and sometimes more than that!
If I receive your trade before I send you my promised trade I will assure that I send you a more than equal amount.

I delete all trade messages till you send me your snail addy. If you do not send me your land addy and send your trade without a note or e-mail addy, I will not have a clue as to what to send to you.

I have done this to prevent another computer shut down from too many messages in folders.

I do send some plants and seeds out SASE if I recieve the stamps or POSTAL MO, and addressed label with a note reminding me what I have agreed to send. But be aware that REQUESTS for SASE plants or seeds is forbidden by the Webmaster.
I need a break from the SASE's for awhile, they have been too time comsuming.


Some Bunny Loves You!

I live in: United States

My zone is: 8 MS

My favorite forum 1 is Plant Exchange.

My favorite forum 2 is Southern Gardening.

First registered on March 03, 2001 .