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I never knew that I was a gardener until I moved to California 13 years ago. I started small with a few plants, tending bigger plants around my apartment building, then moved on to bigger and bigger container gardens with drip systems in another apartment. Three years ago I moved into a duplex house, so I have a backyard, front porch and strips of land along my driveway. Wonderful! I don't do things scientifically, I just follow my eyes and heart and see what happens. This year, I'm growing tomatoes for the first time and just loving it. I'm sure I'm making all kinds of mistakes, but I have 4 heirloom plants and 1 hybrid Early Girl and there are so many gloriously wonderful tomatoes that I am absolutely amazed and delighted every time I walk up to my little vegetable garden.
I'm glad I found this GardenWeb tomato forum so I can find out more information and correct my mistakes. I've had so much fun, though, this summer, watching my little seedlings grow into 8 foot vines covered with fruit and just seeing what good soil, lots of sun, water and good organic fertilizer could create; I don't know if it will be as joyous when I plan and control and manage the production. I'm sure it will still be great, though, and I've found that one of the most wonderful things in the world is going out to the garden and picking and cutting my dinner. An immense pleasure.

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