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I am a professional musician, playing full time in the first violin section of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, as well as various other musical activities which come up. I am also mom to 5 wonderful children ages 19 mos to 20 yrs. and one nice old tabby cat.
Besides music and my family, I love anything associated with the outdoors, camping, hiking, golf, skiing and of course gardening.
We moved to the suburbs last year after living downtown in far too little space. The pumpkin patch we grew in our backyard here last summer was bigger than our entire backyard downtown. We love it here and I inherited a very lovely garden which includes some incredible peony bushes.
We enjoyed growing little grape tomatoes last summer, will do the same this year and I also want to have a cut flower garden.

I live in: Canada

My zone is: so ontario

My favorite forum 1 is fragrant.

My favorite forum 2 is grtlks.

First registered on March 25, 2001 .