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Oh My! it is 2015! Well, I can explain what happened to 2008, we renovated a very old house! Now it is 2009!
Good Grief! It is 2007! 2006 just raced by! We bought a fixer house and I’ve been busy with gardens in both places. Good thing they are less than a mile apart...also been doing a lot of crafting. We spent several months on the road in 2006. visiting the South. Gosh! Where did 2005 go?? It is now 2006 and we are hitting the road in a couple of days. Heading South!
<p>Update!<p>It’s 2005 now, and we have been traveling for 3 months, got back to Eastport the first of May. We need to work part of the year so we can travel part of they year.<p>_________<p>Well after nearly a year on the road we have landed for a while. We picked up a tiny home along the coast of Maine about 6 weeks after being homeless...and we are back to rediscover regular life.<p>I’m hoping to grow lots of stuff!!<p>Leasa<p>Update!<p>We are full-time RVing for the next year or so. Trading has been put on hold.<p>__________<p>Hi Gang!<p>OK, I’ve been here since August and I’m hooked on trading seeds!!! WHAT FUN!!! Thank you everyone who traded with me!!! Anyone else willing????<p>A few months ago I had a yummy ruby red grapefruit and the seeds were sprouting and I could not toss them out, so I planted them in some dirt and they are about 3-4 inches high right now. I later planted a couple white grapefruits, oranges and lemons, they have all started to grow and I would like to keep them happy and alive <G>.<p>In August I bought 2 lychee nuts because the produce manager said they were tasty, well, they were and the seeds were real pretty and I planted them and they are now 2 and 6 inches high!! <p>I’d like to get some flower seeds and get going on dressing up the new place...<p>Leasa<p>PS: A couple of years ago found some old---reallly old poppy seeds I collected from my mom’s garden 15-20 years ago, I planted them and this is the second year for them and they are really pretty. Pink kind of ruffly and full with purple cross stripe on them. Some are not ruffly. Sorry these are all gone now till next year!<br>

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