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I have been taking care of my orchids for a few years now, my first was a beautiful Phaleonopsis given as a birthday present in 1998. Then in 1999 I received a beautiful Cattleya as a birthday present. Then in 2003, I received a second Phal as a birthday present from my husband, and finally, my latest two additions came from our honeymoon trip to Kauai - a Mokara and a dendrobium.

We just moved to a new home, so I am still exploring the best place for my plants, and am considering switching to S/H... we'll see!

My Orchids: (in order of acquisition!)
NOID white Phal (birthday, 1998)
NOID Cattleya - possible ID as Iwanagara Apple Blossom (birthday, 1999)
NOID white Phal (birthday, 2003)
Dendrobium Sena Red (Honeymoon, Kauai, 8/2003)
Dendrobium Sena Red keiki (split 9/2003)
Mokara Chaopraya Gold (Honeymoon, Kauai, 8/2003)
Paph. niveum x concolor 'Dudley off' AM/AOS (in honor of my sis's b-day, from Orchid's for You, 9/2003)
Dendrobium nobile hybrid, keiki (couldn't resist, $3.00 special when shopping for sis's b-day! Orchids for You, 9/2003)
P.(Luchiilady-Hsingsing Lip) x Dtps.(Tomboy x (Mount Beauty-Hama Lip)) keiki (cast off from a friend, 10/2003)
Dendrobium Mingle's Sapphire (gonzalesii x victoriae-reginae) (No reason at all!! From Slo's, 10/2003)
Dracula gigas (Slo's, 10/2003) RIP
Haraella odorata (Andy's, 3/04)
Schoenorchis fragrans (Andy's 3/04)
Den. atroviolaceum 'Pygmy' (species) (Waldor's 3/04)

And I have recently discovered that those beautiful beautiful Plumerias I discovered in Kauai can be grown here, in Virginia!! Oh happy day.

My Plumies:
Dwarf Obtusa (Florida Colors, graft, 9/2003)
Aztec Gold (Florida Colors, graft, 9/2003)
Round Side Pink Seedling (seeds from Beckysue, 10/2003)
Pink/Red from St. Kitts (cutting, 3/04)
Singapore from St. Kitts (cutting, 3/04)

Oh boy.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z7 VA

My favorite forum 1 is Orchids.

My favorite forum 2 is Plumeria.

First registered on August 27, 2003 .