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Ive come to appreciate Landscape design with a more pin-point eye of what is entailed. Having spent over a year now learning, doing and still learning...I’ve gained a highetr appreciation of what LD’s do. The people Ive met here have been quite enlightening to one that never followed any kind of an artistic view of life. I think my outlook on seeing gardens becoming a part of people’s lives is due to my past time in LE. Having spent time around the harsher elements of our society...Ive come to convert what I want my life to stand for. Im seeing gardening and landscapes as retreats and stretches of our imaginations...just like with any artform,

Im married with 2 great boys. Consider me...a neophyte in Ld and proud of that moniker. :)

I live in: United States

My zone is: z5 Colo

My favorite forum 1 is Landscape Design.

First registered on July 10, 2003 .