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I live in Guam, originally from California. There, I grew orchids for many years, mainly Cymbidiums, my favorites. Can’t grow them in Guam, temps too warm.
About 3 yrs ago, while I was shopping, my puppy German shepherd destroyed 36 of my favorite orchids, I went into shock and swore off them, but can’t be without them, so I started again.
Have 62 so far.
My growing area is a enclosed screen patio facing NE (front) with West sun, (left side) after 2:00 PM till sunset. I grow mostly Cattleya Alliance,(Lc, SLC, BLC) Also Phals, Paphs, Vandas (just few, they don’t seem to like me) and some Oncidiums.
I paint landscapes and flowers, do crafts and of course gardening. My husband also enjoys my Orchids and other flowers: Plumerias, Ginger, Hibiscus, Bougainvilleas, flowering trees and ferns. I grow them in 1/2 acre of land facing the ocean.
I also have a terrarium, (I’m always fascinated by miniature plants and flowers) and I grow
in it: miniature African Violets, Ferns, Orchids, Moss, Vines and different kind of ornamental and colorful plants.
I have these orchids:
Arachnis Maggie Oei ’Yellow Ribbon’
Blc. Momilani Rainbow
Blc. Dean Martin ’Royal Decree’
Blc. Ruth Davis x Blc. Fred Stewart ’Carmela Orchids’ AM/AOS
Blc. His Light ’Praise’ x Blc. Toshie Aoki ’Blumen Insel’
Blc. Toshie Aoki x Slc. Wendy’s Valentine ’Red Beauty’
Blc. Arabesque ’Golden Zebra’ AM/AOS
Blc. Dora Louise Capen ’Lea’
Blc. Chia Lin ’New City’ AM/OIOS, SM/JGP’96
Blc. Exotic Apricot ’Pauwela’
Blc. Rockdell ’Glorious Sunset’ AM/AOS
Lc. Mem. Robert Strait ’Carmela’ x Bc. Donna Kimura ’Paradise Tami’ CR/HOS
Lc. Aloha Case ’Hawaiian Style’ x Blc. Hunting Island ’Hawaii’
Lc. Mem. Robert Strait ’Blues’
Lc. Gold Digger ’Orchid Jungle’
Lc. Hawaiian Easter ’Hawaii’
Lc. Aloha Case ’Hawaiian Style’
Lc. Rosie’s Surprise ’Crestview’
Lc. Mari’s Song ’CTM217’
Lc. Rossie’s Surprise ’Dutchess’
Lctna. Renate ’S&W’
Diaca. Chantilly Lace ’Twinkle’
Slc. Dream Cloud ’Sparkler’
Slc. Mini Doris ’Carmela’ x Blc. Jeremy Island
Slc. Jewelers Art x Pot. Sally Taylor ’Red’
Den. Aloha Parade ’Sun Float’
Den. Judy Rutz ’Kathy’
Den. Buranagr x Madam Vipa
Den. Haleahi Lipstick ’Lancelot’
Den. Thongchai
Den. Paskal Kuning ’Hawaii’
Den. Super Ise x Den. Sunset Rainbow
Den. Super Ise x Den. Yukidaruma ’King’
Den. Black Dog ’Lakeview’
Den. Harriet Nakamoto ’Hawaii’
Den. Johnsoniae x Convoluim (Christel)
Milt. Hudson Bay x Milt. Mem. Ida Siegal
Milt. Delaware ’Exotic Raspberry’
Phal. Golden Peoker ’ES’x Dtps. Brother ’Victoria ’B#1)
Phal. Nobby’s amy x New Cinderella x Rose Valentina
Phal. Ember ’Echo Valley’ AM/AOS x Dtps. Blessed
Phal.Big Cheeks x Phal. Brother Wildcat
Phal. Noid (in terrarium)
Dtps. Maui Appeal ’Lavender Lady’ x self
Dtps.(Minho Stripes x Chih Shang’s Stripes ’B#1x P. Brother Gold Miss ’B#2
Dtps King Shiang’s Beauty ’FF’x P. Brother Purple’s Brother
Paph. Gloriosum ’Hallelujah’ x Paph. Black Currants
Dgmra brassia/Miltonia/degarmoara/onci/cochlioda Winter Wonderland "white fairy BS
Dgmra. Flying High ’Stars and Bars’
Mtdm. Pupukea Sunset "palolo Puff"
Mtdm. Pupukea Sunset "Waiomao" (white)
Vanda ’Nelly Modey
Vanda Noid miniature
Brassavola Beallara Martifitch ’Howard’s Dream’
Onc. Sharry Baby ’Sweet Fragrance’
Mtssa. Royal Robe "Jerry Pick" HCC/AOS
Epidendrum ’Radican’
Haraella retrocalla Mounted
Laelia alaorii Mounted
Pescatorea cerina
Phalaenopsis violacea Borneo
Potinara Free Spirit ’Lea’
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ total: 62 as of 3/6/06 Lost many in ’05.
Oh, I also have 2 poodles and 2 cats inside and I feed and take care of 6 ’not so stray’ cats outside.
See you all at the Forum!
Ana :)
You can see my photos... they are an on going project, specially the orchid’s one :) http://albums.photo.epson.com/j/AlbumList?u=4187535&f=0

I live in: United States

My zone is: z11 Guam

My favorite forum 1 is Orchids.

My favorite forum 2 is Terrariums.

First registered on September 21, 2003 .