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Thanks to Vee, who mentioned I needed to update the info here, I am deleting some and adding more.
Our garden, under my husband's direction is mostly a Mediterranean type of garden. We have figs, grapevines, almond trees, loquats, persimmons,pomegranates, an outstanding dwarf kumquat, and a 2 season vegetable garden.
We have tried to create a woodsy ambiance in front. I love the mountains. Right now ,my husband is still planning to build a fish pond/waterfall in back. The fish pond is being delayed while we decide whether we are making it too large and whether we should use cement or liner for the base.
Also, since my husband is from Italy and we are now retired, we found and bought a 2 room apartment (very small and old) in a mountain village north-east of Rome. This is taking some of our time from the garden.
Our garden is still centered on producing food for our favorite cooking, but several of the barrels have succumbed, and we are planning to replace them with large terra- cotta pots We have only one of our children still living at home, and have, 5 chickens, 5 cats, 5 goldfish and 4 minnows.
This is very variable...in a few weeks we will have only 2 cats both of whom WILL BE fixed. One of the cats, "Fancy", is trying to sleep on the desk between me and the keyboard. He gets slightly irritated every time I reach to capitalize a letter.
Spring has arrived here in Fresno for the year 2005 and we are all happy about it.
The years seem to be passing more and more quickly.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Sunset /8 or 9

First registered on May 08, 2001 .