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I live in Hamburg, NY and have since 1997. I live exacly 1.5 mile from Lake Erie, that places me in zone 6.
I have been gardening most of my life. I began with the basic Marigolds and November 2003, I joined the Arisaema Enthusiast Group and began accumalating Arisaemas, Pinellias, Amorphophalluses,Mediterranian aroids, along with Arums . I have other native wildflowers plus houseplants.
I just began with hardy & tuberous aroids in the summer of 2004

My list of hardy and /or tuberous aroids is as follows:

Amorphophallus spp. - konjac, henryii, bulbifer, koratensis,kiusianus, dunni, albus, mossambicensis, thaiensis, yuloensis, muelleri, variabilis

Sauromatum/Typhonium - venusum and venosum var.Indian Giant, giganteum and roxburghii >Dracunculus vulgaris Helicodiceros muscivorus,

Arums italicum, concinnatum, creticum, discoridus & var., orientale & var., pictum, maculatum, byzantinum, alpinum, cyrenaicum, purpureospathum, balansanum,, elongatum, korolkowii, hygrophyllum,

Arisaema spp. consanguinum,candidissimum (pink & white varieties ,triphyllum, draconitum, speciosum, taiwanese, costatum, thunburgii, thunburgii var. urashima, tortuosum, ringens,fargesii, amurense plus many other Asian arisaemas and unknown seedlings from a variety seed pack.

Pinellia spp. ternata (green & purple forms), pedasectia, tripartitia, tripartitia atropurpurea, tripartitia var.golden dragon, var.silver dragon, var. variegated green dragon, Pinellia hybrid 'Polly Spout'P. peltata, P. cordata

Zantedeschia "White Giant" PDN variety

All of these are new and the summer of 2005 will hopefully produce possible seeds and offsets.
I also enjoy growing unusal trees, shrubs, perennials. I am also interested in shade plants as my trees grow larger!
I like the unusual and am always looking for something new!

I live in: United States

My zone is: Hamburg, NY 14075 Zone 6

My favorite forum 1 is Aroid.

My favorite forum 2 is Woodlands.

First registered on September 23, 2004 .