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I just moved to Tennessee from Fort Worth area, There is a nice greenhouse here with watering system intact and still operating. It was covered with white poly sheeting but the cats climbed on it and shredded most of it. There is more plastic to cover it, but I have to find a way to keep the cats off first.Are there plants that repel cats? The beds are filled with sand over very coarse gravel. There is a lovely white sand that is local, about $8/ton. I'm also removing 10'by 35'of sod for an outside garden. The soil here is WONDERFUL!!! All it needs is compost. I've come across about five rocks, all smaller than my hand.

Well, I got the greenhouse recovered. it's great! We had our first freeze that night so I had to get it done by myself..DBF was at work all day. Imagine me, 5'3" muscling around a 20' by 25' sheet of plastic in the wind!!! Wish there'd been somebody here to take photos of me! Now I'm just working on building a compost pileinside to keep it warm and provide CO2. My Spicy globe Basil has second leaves on it now and I just got my first seed trade in the mail. I'm so excited that I found this place!

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My zone is: 6bTN

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