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I am a second generation kitchen designer. My father immigrated to the states (from Canada) and started out designing kitchens for PK Lumber back in the 1960s. He also designed for Better Kitchens and Southern Ohio Kitchens in the 70's and 80s. My mother went back in to the work force in the late 70's and also became a kitchen designer. Dreaming of their own business, in 1983, my parents started our family business using up their $20K in savings to do so. I was in college at the time for commercial art and worked parttime doing bookkeeping, filing, making lunches and cleaning. I then taught myself how to draw perspective renderings with(gasp!) paper and ink! This was the back when all designs and pricing were done by hand and calculator! In 1989, I decided to go in to sales and design myself. Doing the hand renderings of people's kitchens for 6 years prepared me well. In 2000, my father died of a sudden heart attack and my mother, who was terminal when my dad died, died just 5 months after him. It was a difficult time for my family and co-workers. Everyone loved my parents. However, I feel very lucky to have spent so many years working side by side with them. Not many people are able to spend that much time with their parents as adults. Since they passed, myself and a business partner have been running the family business.

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