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Hello, I have not been on GW much in the past year. We have moved from a city suburban lot to the country with 3 acres and lots of trees. My passion is roses. I dug all my 100+ roses and brought them with me along with most of my other perennials. Now the task is before me to get things planted. My dh built me a 8x20 greenhouse which I love! We have a huge vegetable garden tilled up and have onions and potatoes planted so far. We have been stopped by the rains. We have had a pond dug to use for irrigation in the hot summer. It is full of water now. Water is expensive here. Anyway, my spectrum of gardening is expanding by leaps and bounds. So much more to learn. I hope to be spending more time on GW this year in between all the work that needs to be done.

UPDATE: Boy has my life changed........I did gardening for so long at our home in the country to not gardening at all. Seems my body doesn't like pulling on 150 ft hoses! Decided that since I didn't have many friends since moving from a home of 19 years.I had two friends, one of which was a quilter and asked me to come to a quilt show that she had entered a quilt. My mouth was gaped open the whole time. No way could I do this.......... long story short, Thee quilt shop in the next town, about 20 miles, became my second home. I went and sewed every day. I was a fixture for almost 3 years. Then realized, I have other things to do, clean house, cook, wash clothes etc. So I started backing off, turned both bedrooms upstairs into quilting rooms and love to spend time there.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Been through some health problems. Didn't quilt very during that time but things are getting better and hubby is retiring the end of Jan. 2012. With all the GMO controversy we are going back to gardening. The vegetable kind. Due to the severe drought last summer, most all my roses died. Heartbreaking but stuff happens.

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