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I’m mainly interested in gardening for my tortoises and birds, but I love all perennials - thanks to Garden Web, my yard is full of them! As for house plants, I’ve grown African violets for about 25 years, but I now have a greenhouse full of orchids, hoyas, bromeliads, ferns, rex begonias, orchid cacti, and lots of other plants.

I’ve been a member here since March of 2002, and I’ve made quite a few trades since that time. Most have been successful and I’ve been amazed at how generous everyone has been! I just love large trades! But what I call "large trades" may be TOO large for some, so if you don’t have lots of space, tell me first and I won’t send so much!

I must say tho, there have been a few people that I’ve sent plants to and never received anything from, or those that received a 5 or 10 pound package from me and sent me a couple of slips of something in an tiny envelope in return. I’m not trying to be greedy here, only FAIR. If you’d like some of my plants, I’ll be more than happy to send you a good amount to get you started. If I don’t have that much of what you request, I’ll let you know beforehand. But to protect myself, I’ve adopted the policy that I will only send to those that I’ve received plants from already - when I receive your package, I will then package up plants that I think is a fair trade and ship them to you the following Tuesday. If the amount I send isn’t acceptable, I will be glad to send out more so that everyone is happy. I hate to be a wet blanket, but as I said, after getting screwed so many times, I need to protect myself. I have quite a few Garden Web traders that will vouch for me and my plants - if you need a reference before sending plants to me, let me know.

Also, just a reminder - boxes are better than envelopes for shipping plants!!! And when packing boxes for shipping, please be sure that the plants are wrapped and cushioned for the trip!!! There is nothing worse in trading plants than receiving something that has been broken or smashed, or just plain dead because it was severely beat up in transit!!! And please remember NOT to use aluminum foil when packing plants in the summer (they will bake in shipping), and to provide plants with moisture before packaging so that they will survive the trip!!!

And PLEASE, if you respond to one of my posts, make sure that your email address is available for me to respond.

Thanks to everyone here for the wonderful experience and Happy Gardening to all!!!

I live in: United States

My zone is: z7 MD

First registered on March 30, 2002 .