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I live in a small (pop 10,000) town in Iowa, that manages to be something of an alternative hub in the reluctant midsts of a typical conservative small town, creating some interesting conflicts. Example: Having only just begun to put the shovel to the earth, I was told by City Hall that I must have grass in my parkway, no other ground covers. "Flowers? I asked plaintively, "Can’t I have some flowers?" "Well," said John from City Hall, "You can have a few, but don’t go crazy. You see this street?" He directs my attention South on Court Street, where we can see a mile of solid green mowed grass, trees in a nice even row. "That’s what we’re looking for--uniformity."

Guess what? I’m not. My diabolical plans for beauty and abundance continue. I’m now officially a guerrilla-permaculturist.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z5 !A

First registered on April 15, 2005 .