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We have a new home, with no landscapping!!! So I’m a beginner gardner looking to create a nice outdoor environment for my family. :)

My biggest project this year is the Sunflower house my kids and I are making. We went all out w/ it. It’s about 11’x11’ square, morning glories and all. there’s an extra opening on the side where there’s a cucumber tunnel, leading to a pole bean tee-pee. I just can’t wait till it’s grown! BTW everything is winter sown.
[ok, so we tried...the morning glories aren’t growing too well, and niether are the pole beans and cukes, and personally, I think I went too big, but here’s a pic of it anyways]
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We also started collecting monarch caterpillars and eggs to raise. Such a fascinating expirience!

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(oh and btw, I had my myspace page as my personal URL, but evidently if you aren’t a member you can’t view photos anymore, so I put one of my photobucket albums as my personal URL, but if you have Myspace, my url is http://www.myspace.com/kek19)

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