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Updated 9/14/12

Haven't had space or time for a long time. Too long! I'm gardening again in San Francisco, a few years wiser. I hope!

Updated 12/2/08

My how things change. I'm moving to Redwood City, CA now. Been at Pacifica with no yard, no patio, not even a windowsill to place potted plants, for one year. In about a week I'll be in Zone 10 (according to iVillage) slash 9a/b according to other sources. I have a large (for cityfolk like me ;) lot of land to work with that has been left to go wild for about a year, prolly. Nervous and looking for tons of advice at this new location, but very excited!


Thank goodness for ctrl-c! I lost the profile a second time. But here it is still. HA!

Well, I had typed up a pretty long "blurb" (I'm sure at paragraph two it ceases to be a blurb) but GW logged me out and I lost everything. So um...

Hi there, I'm in San Francisco, CA. I've always wanted to grow things but never had a chance. So it's been container gardening since 2004. During 2005 I grew tomatoes. This year I'm growing vegetables and fruits from seed, and if I'm successful I'm probably never going to buy another cell pack again. ...With the exception of tomatoes, because they intimidate me.

I was a floristry student for a year and worked in the industry. So I've also got cut flowers growing, which I cannot bring myself to cut.

Animals are my other great passion, and the (animal) love of my life is a 5-month-old Red Heeler mix who lives with the human love of my life. I've also got two adorable guinea pigs who create wonderful composting materials for me.

My other hobbies include: knitting, cooking, and typing out ridiculously long profiles which end up getting lost due to bad sessions, which probably means I should stop while I'm ahead and click submit.

Oh! PS- Meeting people with the same interests is always great, so feel free to contact me outside of the forums. I am notorious for being behind in correspondence, but I'm working on it!

I live in: United States

My zone is: 10 San Francisco, CA

My Birthday is October 15 .

My favorite forum 1 is Vegetable Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is California Gardening.

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