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I moved from Stilwell, KS, nearly 6 yrs ago, to Rutherfordton, NC, which is located in the Isothermal Belt. I’m very near the South Carolina line. Purchased a small cedar cabin on 2 wooded acres, was built & left in 2001 -- people decided they missed the city -- so until recently was surrounded by red clay.

Initially had many junk pines removed to allow more sun on half an acre, then hickories & more pines that fall easily in winter. Had rotted horse manure, wood shavings & compost brought to begin creating real soil. I now have worms & much more!

Next decided worth spending the money on grass seed to stop erosion around cabin (already planted daylilies on a hill since their roots are deep, continue doing on other small hills) until I fill most in with ornamental trees, shrubs, bulbs, eventually a container Herb Garden . . . a lifetime of vitality, watching growth! Only own a weed eater, never will purchase another lawn mower! Every season the flowers, shrubs & trees decrease blades of grass -- & I love it!!! Tween Round-Up, weed eating & weeding myself (a good way to release stress) I’ve found the tranquility had been searching for. These couple acres, kind neighbors & this small town are perfect for me.

Couple yrs. ago completed a garden bed surrounded by a low rock wall -- Ryan, my eldest son, found all the rocks & built it, he’s become an indespensable garden partner, along with Ms. B, my outside cat -- she’s good company.

Chose North Carolina since I remembered driving through this state, which has everything from mountains to beaches, at 12 years of age with my family -- am an Army brat, Dad was on his way to Ft. Bragg. Have lived in Okinawa, Korea, Germany, California, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, Kansas & Georgia (we moved 13x in 11 years -- by the time I was 13 years old), visited Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Hawaii, Alaska, most of the states, Canada, Mexico & Nova Scotia, but after research on this temperate zone, the cost of living in Rutherford County, plus my heart tugging me toward the foothills of the Blue Ridge, I came to stay.

I’m learning this zone, always loved nature, used to have horses, gardened in each house my 3 sons were raised, planted my first elephant ear & ginger here, didn’t realize how much I’d missed HUGE azaleas (in KS they must be protected), HUGE hydrangeas, cherry blossoms, bamboo and much more from living in the Far East -- am very happy here.

Cannot express how much I appreciate what I’ve learned on GW, how kind and generous the members are. Thank you all.

Can use all the wisdom you offer! My garden passion is growing trees & shrubs from seed, it never seems long for any to germinate considering how long many live!

I live in: United States

My zone is: z8a NC

My favorite forum 1 is Seed Exchange.

My favorite forum 2 is Plant Exchange.

First registered on July 17, 2004 .