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I studied horticulture at NYBG; also landscape design. Am working (own business) in the field. Just moved to NJ and finally have OWN GARDEN! Trying to acquire new clients in NJ. Meanwhile, having a great time birding in our backyard so will plant many native shrubs and try to attract hummingbirds with all the right perennials. Often look at Florida forum since daughter lives there and I am growing stuff at her place too! Several weeks ago, after having planted tulip bulbs for the first time in years, woke up one morning to see them all chewed down to the ground...also saw deer tracks. Who expected deer in a town? But, there they were, just behind my fence, in a narrow wooded strip along the RR tracks. What's next? Black bears and coyotes I hope!! Just learn to live with it. So much more fun than the wildlife in NYC where I lived previously.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6b NJ

My favorite forum 1 is alpines.

My favorite forum 2 is shrubs.

First registered on April 21, 2001 .