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I have gardened for many years and started adding roses a few years ago. I have gardens with roses, instead of rose gardens. I like the cottage look. I have 4 separate garden areas or "rooms". Plus a few more small garden areas tucked in here and there. One of my most favorite parts of the garden is the koi pond. I love my fish!

I have more big gardening plans! A rose tunnel is my next dream.

Other plants I grow and love include daylilies, irises, salvias, hardy geraniums and many other cottagey-type flowers.

ROSE LIST (updated 6/23/05)

Pat Austin x 3 (1-Lowes 2-Farmhouse Gardeners)
Lilian Austin
Tamora (Wayside)
Teasing Georgia
Graham Thomas (Farmhouse Gardeners)
L.D. Braithwaite
Fair Bianca
Molineux x 2 (Muncy’s)
Jude the Obscure (Muncy’s)
Crown Princess Margareta (J&P)
Christopher Marlowe (J&P)
Golden Celebration (J&P)
Gertrude Jekyll (Lowes)

Cl. Souvenir de la Malmaison (Farmhouse Gardeners)
Souvenir de la Malmaison (Lowes)

Cramoisi Superieur
Martha Gonzales (Lowes) x 2
Mutabilis (ARE via Wing Haven)
Comtesse du Cayla (Roses Unlimited)
Mme. Laurette Messimy (Roses Unlimited)
Eugene de Beauharnais (Roses Unlimited)

Apricot Nectar (Ashdown)
Nearly Wild x 6 (Home Depot)
Easy Going (Chamblee’s)
Livin’ Easy (Chamblee’s)
Irene Watts (Almost Heaven)

Precious Dream

Cardinal de Richelieu (Ashdown)
Marianne (The Uncommon Rose)

Cornelia (Almost Heaven)
Bouquet Parfait (Ashdown)
Buff Beauty (ebay)

Reine des Violettes (Ashdown)

Small Miracle (Lowes)

Marechal Niel (Ashdown)
Duchesse d’Auerstadt
William Allen Richardson
Bouquet d’Or
Celine Forestier (Vintage Gardens)
Crepuscule (Vintage Gardens)
Reve d’Or (Ashdown)

Mrs. R.M. Finch (Antique Rose Emporium via Wing Haven Garden)
The Fairy
The Fairy Standard (Farmhouse Gardeners)
Lovely Fairy
Perle d’Or (ARE via Wing Haven)
Marie Pavie
Phyllis Bide (Ashdown)
Cl. Margo Koster
Borderer (Clark) (Roses Unlimited)
Polly Sunshine (Roses Unlimited)
Sunshine (Vintage Gardens)
Paul Crampel (Vintage Gardens)
Leonie Lamesch (Vintage Gardens)

Veilchenblau (Roses Unlimited)

Martine Guillot (Kmart)
Louise Clements (Heirloom Roses)

Yellow Lady Banks (Lowes)

Alexander Hill Gray (Ashdown)
Maman Cochet
Mons. Tillier
Mrs. B.R. Cant
Clementina Carbonieri (Ashdown)
Blumenschmidt (Ashdown)
Sunset (Ashdown)
Lady Hillingdon (Ashdown)
Mlle. Franziska Kruger
Souv. d’Elise Vardon
The Bride
William R. Smith
Francis Dubreuil (Roses Unlimited)
Mme. Charles
Duchess d’Albe
Baronne Henriette de Snoy (Roses Unlimited)
Rosette Delizy (Roses Unlimited)
Souvenir de Pierre Notting (Roses Unlimited)
Mrs. Dudley Cross (Roses Unlimited)
Tipsy Imperial Concubine (Roses Unlimited)
Triomphe de Luxembourg (Roses Unlimited)
Duchesse de Brabant (Roses Unlimited)
Thomasville Old Gold (Vintage Gardens)
Souvenier de Germaine de St. Pierre (Vintage Gardens)
Second St. Tea (Vintage Gardens)
E. Veyrat Hermanos (Roses Unlimited)
Cl. White Maman Cochet (Farmhouse Gardeners)

I live in: United States

My zone is: z7 NC

My favorite forum 1 is Antique Roses.

My favorite forum 2 is Ponds & Aquatic Plants.

First registered on March 26, 2002 .