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Family = DH, two young sons and a younger daughter, memories of a sweet, sweet golden retriever and 2 cats. I'm a freelance writer by trade but have put things on hold until babe #3 is a little older.

Went from gardening wannabe to novice gardener when we bought our first home 10 years ago. Gardening and, lately, cooking have become my drug of choice -- probably as a backlash to my Betty Crocker/Minute Rice childhood! I dunno. A few years ago, we moved from a very small suburban plot to a pretty large one (a little over an acre) on Boston's South Shore.We're in the process of reclaiming this once very neglected piece of property. Love the land and all things organic. Love to see the amazing diversity of creatures, critters, bugs, and birds that flit around the property. My toes and fingernails are always in need of a washing...Am currently rennovating the kitchen and so am obsessed with ridiculous things like BTU levels and the pros-cons of laminates.

I live in: United States

My zone is: 6a MA

My favorite forum 1 is Appliances.

My favorite forum 2 is Soil.

First registered on June 27, 2001 .