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Married to non-gardener. One teen-ager in residence. Fairly large lot with lots of big trees and shade. We have a 6 year old cat.

Had an aquarium since I was 11. Still have 2 with plants and fish. One tank is now full of guppies, the other is a community tank. Started a 14' diameter, 4' deep, semi-circular liner pond early this August ('04). Put in a bunch of hardy marginals, bunch plants, and duckweed. Some of the plants are really multiplying. The goldfish grow really quickly. I'm interested in seeing how things survive the winter. Water freezes pretty deep here from January to end of March.

I'm in Canadian Zone 5a which is about Zone 4 for the USDA zones.

I live in: Canada

My zone is: 4 Ottawa, ON

My favorite forum 1 is Ponds & Aquatic Plants.

My favorite forum 2 is Aquariums.

First registered on August 24, 2004 .