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Well, I just typed up a whole page of information, which took me an hour, and they asked me to relogin (for a 3rd time) and lost all my info.

I'm not doing it all over again right now. I'm not a happy gardener at the moment!

I like all kinds of plants. I have many perennials; they're my favorites since I stay too busy to spend as much time & energy as I'd like in my yard. But I also like the continuity of the same plant year to year, watching it grow, giving cuttings to friends, etc.

I love trees, and I add a new one to the yard periodically. I also like fruit trees. I love making jellies and preserves from my homegrown fruit! Not much luck in that area lately, though. I attract butterflies, raise & protect the caterpillars & chrysalids, and free the new butterflies. I have a lot of potted plants, some of which will eventually end up in the yard. We are planning a courtyard for one of these years, and I hope to have some large, healthy plants to put in the ground when the courtyard exists!

I have given up the idea of totally taming the jungle here, but I keep the planned areas fairly free of the worst of the vines. Can't keep up with everything (like constant poison ivy!) but try to keep the beds looking good. The wisteria, wild morning glories, and Virginia creeper are pretty, but they are a pain. Well, the morning glories aren't yet, but give me time! I used to love the wisteria, too!! And let's not even get into the creeping fern (pretty but insidious), dewberries, and poison ivy.

I enjoy the long growing season here, but I occasionally yearn for my Northern childhood home where the frost came and killed everything just about the time the weeds were discussing the possibility of an uprising.

I live in: United States

My zone is: 8 Louisiana

First registered on July 15, 2003 .