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I’m looking forward to my ninth summer of "real" gardening, after 16 years of puttering with pots on a small balcony in Hong Kong. Upside of tropical gardening: you can grow basil from April through December. Downside: rainy season and typhoons and pots that fall off the balcony ledge down to the street. (Heads-up below!)

I’m still a hit-or-miss gardener and have killed far too many "babies" in the interest of getting heights and colors and textures in the right places. But each year my garden seems to look better, and I get more and more addicted. And now even the skeptical neighbors ask for help and plant donations.

I caught the winter sowing bug in 2004 and ended up giving away dozens of seedlings for which I had no room in my garden. So if you haven’t tried it yet, do!

Along with the WS bounty I gave away some seedlings that had sprouted all over my vegetable garden. They looked like squash or cucumbers but ultimately turned out to be ornamental gourds. (Little did I know that the DH had thrown the fall gourds into the compost heap!) Not realizing what they were, one of my unsuspecting friends cooked them up and tried to serve them to her family. That dish that ended up in the dumpster, and she still hasn’t forgiven me.

Happy gardening!

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My zone is: z5/6 MA

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