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Behold the Garden

Behold the worm in the garden
slithering quickly back to
the safety of its earth home.

Behold the bee on the purple poppy
gathering pollen for his Queen, waiting
in her hive beyond the garden.

Behold the tiny black-capped chickadee
pecking at the strawberries, startled
by the kitten exploring the garden.

Behold the monarch butterfly fluttering
over the clematis, a plethora of pink
flowers, draped over the garden fence.

Behold the ladybug searching for food
on the leaf, next to the budding
blossoms of the rosebush in the garden.

Behold the wind chimes swaying
in the breeze, performing for everything
listening, a chorus of Behold the Garden.

I live in: Canada

My zone is: 7b

First registered on June 01, 2012 .