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Am now living in SW Florida (right on the line between Zones 9 and 10). I have a large corner lot with a multitude of nice plants including a myriad of bromeliads, a Hong Kong orchid tree,blood lily, candleabra plants, gingers(multiple cones are up, red and beautiful now), bamboo, palms(multiple types- queen, red, dwarf pygmy, cabbage, date, parotis, Madagascar, Chinese fan, king sago, washingtonia), crown of thorns, large split leaf philodendron, jasmines (downy, confederate and New Orleans),brown bud allamanda, crinum lilys(green & variegated), several huge schefflera, gardenia, papaya trees, elephant ears,podocarpus, crepe myrtle, oleander, Philippine lavendar, necklace pod, cycads, ixora, variegated airplane plant (as ground cover), pigmy banana, moses in a boat, etc. etc. You get the idea. I love plants and enjoy mixing them up! We have lived here since 1979. But in the summer of 03 my husband and I are going to move to mid-Missouri to live on my grandfather's farm (we are going to retire) so am very interested in talking and learning about both zone 5 and 9-10! (Is anyone interested in moving to SW Florida and buying my wonderful garden & house??)
We will be moving into the old farm house and doing multiple cleanup (a lot of cedar and locust have grown up that are not desirable, developing outside living areas, planting bulbs to naturalize, a lot of landscaping, thinning an area of woods that is on a steep hillside close to the house and doing under-plantings of rhododendrons, azaleas, hostas, lily of the valley, etc. Really looking forward to it!!!!!

I live in: United States

My zone is: SW FL

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