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I'm a novice urban gardener, working with containers on a NE facing New Orleans covered balcony "on the Avenue". No, not THAT avenue... the other one. :)

I prefer to grow edibles, as my apartment is so small that EVERYTHING has to do double duty.

2005 was the most successful year I've had yet, with large squash vines, tomatoes setting fruit, and the citrus setting (and keeping!) fruit. Alas, the storm came at a critical moment, and I came home 3 months later to pots full of crispy sticks. I should be used to it by now... I've never had much luck with my garden.

This year I'm putting in SEVERAL varieties of tomatoes (thanks everyone who's sent 'em!) with carrots and basil, cukes and sunflowers together, a bin full of corn, squash and zuccs, bell peppers, and as many herbs as I can squeeze around the above. The lime tree is coming back, which gives me hope for the lemon and the kumquat. The fig thinks it's spring, and is leafing all over the place. We are having a VERY mild winter (if you can call 70 degrees "mild").

Needless to say, I've got a rather large balcony. To say it doubles the size of my apartment is no exaggeration. :)

I live in: United States

My zone is: 9

First registered on October 15, 2002 .