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I live in a small Maine city & gardened in containers for years because I lived in apartments with no yards. Now I have an apt. with a nice yard & a friend rototilled a small 25'X 15'plot for me. I grow vegetables with flowers in 4 sections divided by boards to make them more like square foot gardens. My cucumber & bean seeds washed out with the 18 straight days of rain we had at the end of May. It is pretty late but I will try to find some cucumber plants & I'll plant the green beans again. I didn't add anything to the soil because it looked so rich & was full of large earthworms & nightcrawlers.
I was the coordinator of a gardening program that had 90 gardens in 13 rural towns from 1996 to 1999. It was for a non-profit agency & we had grant money to teach low income & elderly people how to garden. We gave away seeds, seedlings & information. Did site visits & aided in the identification of weeds & bugs. It was a wonderful job, but part-time,seasonal & no benefits. I had to take a full time regular job in 2000 to get benefits before I retire.
I enjoy all forms of gardening.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z4Maine

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