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perennial gardener for 2 seasons, longtime grass pro. i�m trying to learn more about organic lawn/garden care. i started my first compost pile october �02, and i�m OCD about the whole thing (as i am with everything i read about on this site-i�ve changed my favorite forums from lawn care to perennials, to soil... and so on). this site has really changed my yard care (commercial and personal) practices, and it has redirected the focus of my landscaping company. i�m really trying to encourage customers to go the organic route now. they like the idea that their 2 yr olds and their dogs can play on the lawn right after "treatment". i�d never been much of a science guy, in it for the enjoyment of the outdoors, but now i�m reading on grasses, rodale�s composting practices, EPA documents (fairly technical, stuff i slept through in school) and i�m fascinated- and horrified at the state of the planet. i figure if i can do my part, and my customers do theirs, hey that�s a start.

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