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I am a professional and college educated horticulturist with a life long passion for tropical foliage plants. However, I care for plenty of species from the orchid, bromeliad, and cacti families, - as well as many others. My favourite plants always seem to be epiphytes.

I have approx. 200 tropical plants in containers (some mounted) at home plus several gardens. I’m always willing to share the culture sheets I’ve created about them with others - after working and studying with experts and coming across great Web sites. No longer living in an equitorial zone, I’ve resorted to container gardening for those that won’t thrive outdoors here for 5-6 months out of the year. I also have a successful growing/propagation room using artificial lighting almost exclusively. Don’t even get me started on the subject of PAR, lamp SPD’s, etc. I’ll never shut up. LOL.

I lived in southeastern India and later in Sri Lanka years ago and worked in horticulture there for quite a while. My professional experience includes landscaping, interiorscaping, plant propagation, and (tropical) greenhouse management. I’m very attuned to people who respect and appreciate the gentle forms of life and aren’t afraid of technical information to get their leafy friends thriving.

Other interests include: backyard birding, astronomy, displaced Cuban treefrogs in a vivarium (rescued), phytopathology, clay sculpture, oil painting, classical piano, and the philosophies of Buddhism and vegan abolitionism.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z 7b Ga.

My favorite forum 1 is Tropicals.

My favorite forum 2 is Growing under Lights.

First registered on May 27, 2003 .