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Have grown orchids for many years, and now, in a small apartment, I am finding a new interest in Cacti. I still have quite a few orchids, but boarded at a friend's house in her backyard. Here in my little apartment I am growing cacti on (southfacing) windowsills and under lights. I am finding taxonomy and plant identification in the Cactaceae rather more problematical than that of the Orchidaceae. The defining characters (number and shape of ribs, tubercles, areolae, radial and central spines...) all seem so fluid and variable within single taxa! But in a sense that makes it more of a challenge. Some unlabeled cacti I have purchased, I have been able to identify down to the species -- others, I'm unsure even of the genus. Perhaps it will take more time and experience... at present I have only an approximate understanding of some genera, and others, well, I still can't get a handle on what distinguishes them from related genera. I will be posting pics of the more baffling plants I have from time to time, to elicit some more expert opinions on their identities.

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